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Hydraulic Tset Pump

Portable electric test pump

DSY Portable hydraulic test pump

Operation method
Unscrew the red pressure regulation button£¬plug in and turn on the motor, check whether the machine have got suction, and then turn it off and connect each pipe according to the above diagram.
Turn on the motor, screw the pressure relief valve tightly until water outflows from the return pipe£¬and then turn down the pressure regulation button slowly£¬till the reading of pressure gauge reaches the pressure required. After it please tighten up the locking plate and then turn off the motor.
Check if the reading of pressure gauge decreases£¬if the reading does not decrease, it shows that the tested vessel¡¯s pressure resistance is good, contrarily£¬it shows there is leakage in the vessel.
After finishing the task, we should unscrew pressure relief valve and pressure regulation button firstly£¬and then disassemble each pipes and tubes one by one. After it please turn on the motor and make it running unloaded for half minute in order to drain off the remaining water.
Mop the surface of the machine with cotton£¬put it at dry and shadow place£¬be prepared for the next time.

This machine adopts open type electric motor£¬when it is operating for long time£¬the surface temperature of the motor shell may reach to 60-70¡£C. This is normal condition.
There should be a distance between the mainframe and the water tank in order to avoid the electric motor is damaged or has electric leakage due to water splash.
The liquid used by the machine must be no eroding/amorphous/condensing with brass and rubber£¬it also must be transparent without impurity¡£
Motor running unloaded is prohibited in order to increase the usage life.

Technical parameter

Rated pressure£¨Mpa£©
Flow £¨L/min£©

£¨1£©We reserve right to modify all the technical parameter without giving notice in advance.
£¨2£©Unit conversion£º1Mpa=10bar=10.197Kg/cm2 =145.038psi

Maintenance and repair
What to do when the machine does not keep pressure still.
Firstly, please check the pressure relief valve 40 and see if it is screwed tightly or not.  If it is tight but the pressure is still not kept, then use a spanner to unscrew pressure gauge seat 42. Take out water outlet valve 38, and clean out the impurity on it.
What to do when the machine has no suction.
First of all, please check whether there is impurity between water outlet valve 19 and plunger 21, or between inlet valve plate 25 and inlet valve seat 26. Secondly please check whether connection between piston 21 and piston cylinder 23 become loose, if the above situation is found, please clean up the impurity or contact with dealer to replace piston

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