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Raoyang Hongyuan Machinery Co., Ltd. (Raoyang Pressure Test Pump Factory) is a high-tech enterprise in Hebei Province, was founded in 1978, the original machinery and electronics industry test pump manufacturing enterprises. After decades of ups and vicissitudes of life and hard work, is a modern standard workshop 15,000 square meters, total assets of 6,000 million. Companies in the domestic industry leading position, is engaged in filling equipment, pressure testing equipment, hose equipment and sawing......

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Dubai customers purchase Hydraulic Tset Pump
Dubai customers purchase Hydraulic Tset PumpAll our R & D and production of pressure test pump (tester) digital control pressure test system, the computer control pressure test system and non - standard pressure test control system can cooperate with domestic and foreign any type of ...
Customers buy Kenya David 4D-SY
Customers buy Kenya David 4D-SYModel 4D-SY£¨6.3¡ª80MPa£©electric hydraulic test pump is the up-to-date series product designed by the Joint Design Group for Hydraulic Test Pump of the General Machinery Research Institute under the Ministry of Machine-Building Industry. It f...
American client George
American client GeorgeAmerican client George American client George American client George American client George American client George American client George American client George

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